Katy Perry - Not the End of the World

Katy Perry

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    Music video by Katy Perry performing Not the End of the World. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC


    1. Kiwi girl


    2. Stevie M

      Check out :42 seconds in when the aliens are waving + welcome TV sign - I would have made a $50 bet - (I don't gamble so that's high stakes) 😂 - that the alien on the far right side was Taylor Swift. Am I losing my mind? _Help me, I'm poor gif_

    3. Diana Estrada


    4. arielle reneaux

      I love Katy so much. Her music never fails to make me happy.

    5. Maleja Romero Prada

      Vamos por los 25 millones Cats!

    6. Regino Corona

      This era of Katy is disgustingly underated !

    7. Joe

      knew something like this would happen

    8. Rodrigo Silva

      hino injustiçado

    9. It’s Dino Explorer


    10. Mauricio Baldo

      This video has a deep message, but most people will just not get it

    11. Maleja Romero Prada

      No lo dejemos morir :(

    12. Oktaviana Najarwati

      Iam Via Via Via

    13. ruth barker

      I love that they used zoe deschanel. So many that look similar

    14. Caza Trash

      Nice legs Zooey

    15. Reyfun


    16. Douglas Keeper

      This is my one and only dream I want to meet Zooey Deschanel I love her in good girl

    17. Suraj Kumar

      You are great katy. 😊🤗

    18. Maleja Romero Prada

      Vamos por los 25 millones!!!

    19. Simon (Ente) 2007

      Katy Perry 🥰🥰🥳

    20. MUSIC


    21. Murshida Najnin


    22. Alberto Bifulco

      This song is CRIMINALLY underrated, c’mon world she deserves better

      1. Stevie M

        LOCK UP THE WORLD, YA'LL. I blame Obama. /s

    23. Chandan Singh

      Jungle ka Chandan ka per ...galaxy cosmic web scintist...

    24. Chandan Singh

      Glamorous scintist xxx

    25. Chandan Singh

      Fast food scintist...mall multiplex scintist...

    26. Chandan Singh

      Riggle cks Sun cks 🍉🍓

    27. Chandan Singh

      Galaxy scintist of universe...galaxy ...planets.......cosmic web is ocien of human fishes or lives...

    28. Chandan Singh

      Lights ...of universe

    29. Chandan Singh

      Transmission of human body soul scientist..cosmic web is .....

    30. Chandan Singh

      Bachelor of science cks Delhi University

    31. Raha

      In aliens eye all humans look the same.

    32. Maleja Romero Prada


    33. francisco javier ravelo bermudez


    34. Stafon Von Camron

      Only 20 million views?

    35. piiiccee Sjdfjejwdjs Deddjwfhqswhqufu


    36. Ekolayzer .0

      The earth internet is devil

    37. Cutie Pie

      I feel like all her music videos are giving US HINts of the * future* like this videos famous people/billionaires and the government know about extraterrestrial And are letting us know slowly but fast about them... I truly believe in *aliens*/ufos I’ve encountered plenty and question everything!!! Ugh not a lot of people will understand where I’m coming from but I hope some do !!!

      1. NixionTM

        this video hints the internet shutdown that'll occur soon

    38. Maleja Romero Prada

      Katy y Zoey: Separadas al nacer

    39. Perry Pup

      Shoutout to Katycats still watching this!



    41. Maleja Romero Prada


    42. Rafael Emburana


    43. trilogy silver

      Like we would need anyone else blow up the world for us

      1. trilogy silver

        We're doing a pretty damn good job of it ourselves

    44. Wiktoria Dziugiel

      Kate! Kate! Kate

    45. Dietmar Veyhle

      Hallo Katy ich bin ein echtes fan Girl

    46. Maleja Romero Prada

      Vamos por los 30 millones!!!!!!

    47. Marllon_333

      *Hmm, esse clipe da Katy Parry está querendo passar uma mensagem de que um dia o desligamento global da internet irá acontecer, só não sabemos quando...*

    48. Markus Aurelius

      Did you archive everything offline? ^^

    49. Maleja Romero Prada

      Merece más vistas :(

    50. Maria Sirmi


    51. avocada Games UwU

    52. Somprasong YodKaew

      is not the end of the world

    53. Maleja Romero Prada

      Arte infravalorado :'(

    54. BRITNEY Scarlett Johansson

      NO NO NO KATY PERRY NO ZOOY nowadays still José if she sang it or was I am good bye😘

    55. Gianna Genevieve Pollack

      i LOVE YOU

    56. Vevo Avril For Lyrics للترجمة

      0:57 Best part Aliens katy katy katy no no it's zoey zoey Aliens agian katy katy

    57. wdohwan persionsub


    58. djdj man

      so its look a like

    59. Lyn Phan

      katy's song are all so fun and great and love the videos

    60. Shiri Dirisina

      'New Girl' season 2 ep 2 timestamp: 12:50... pleassseee someone, ANYONE!!

    61. Vevo Official


    62. LaboitedePandore

      pas la fin du monde :)

    63. Maleja Romero Prada

      Not the end of the world!!!

    64. Maleja Romero Prada

      Zooey y Katy 😍

    65. Rufio Sykes

      Internet shutdown 2025

      1. Marllon_333


    66. Maleja Romero Prada

      I love this song

    67. Yoganshi Bishnoi 6b

      The costume is really creative ☺️☺️ I I liked it very much

    68. Robloxian PlayzYT

      She Used to be So famous. I think after witness she lost most of it… if she had her old audience this would have been a massive hit.

    69. bomyeu116

      Katy's songs is my favorite songs.

    70. daruleo

      only katy perty could play at the end of the world halftime show😍

    71. daruleo

      she did this video for the fans, it wasnt even sent to radio. we love her❤️

    72. Maleja Romero Prada

      Vamos por 30 millones!!!

    73. Paris papavas

      One of her best songs destroyed by this video..

    74. Yasmin katycat ♥️

      KATY PERRY ❤️⚡

    75. Jack Bova

      why is this so funny LOL

    76. Maleja Romero Prada


    77. darkwoodmovies

      What happened to this album? It wasn't promoted and I never even heard of it until recently. A whole year+ passed without me even knowing she was still making music.

    78. Will Vandom


    79. s ki


    80. Cole Rettke

      At the end is that Katy or Zooey I’m confused

    81. Bouchère Denis

      20 million views

    82. Maleja Romero Prada


    83. grace chauruka

      You are the best

    84. Paolo Menodoza G

      20 MILLIONS!

    85. ciao a tutti

      20 mln 😍😍

    86. stream electric

      20M vistas 🤍

    87. Dess Loowph

      20 millones

    88. Henrique Souza

      20 million views:)

    89. Breskvaaaa

      20M this is so sad :( katycat forever tho

      1. Stevie M

        Not as sad as cancer, Karen.

    90. یک قدم تا خدا

      Listen to revers music it have Black saten massege she is elominat we know 😠😠🤮

    91. Brenddo Farias


    92. josh pill

      20M yasss

    93. Varo Slemany

      She say Im nooot afraid That's mean Eminem collaboration is coming..!!!! 2:30

    94. Dariana Cervantes

      2:21 LEDIBUG 😄?

    95. Sam Thura Oo


    96. Cyrille Marteau

      I love your musics

    97. Shark week

      Zooey looks like lily collins

    98. Abdullah Alawwam

      What a cheap production!

    99. bob nesler

      I can relate.

    100. Varo Slemany

      He mentioned Eminem "Not afraid"