Katy Perry - Tucked (The Smile Video Series)

Katy Perry

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    Director: Hoku & Adam
    Video Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
    Production Company: Partizan Entertainment
    Executive Producer: Sara Nix
    Producer: Brian Covalt

    Music video by Katy Perry performing Tucked (Visual Album Video). © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC


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    1. Dubraska Montilla de Lucena

      Te amo

    2. Someone

      that...that was a big plot twist...

    3. kirukiru amou 兄弟,你


    4. ingrid Hernández oficial


    5. Bj Alex

      When you cheated Deku with Todoroki :))

    6. Elian Mendes

      Debo admitir que esta canción es muy ADICTIVA

    7. Rafael Miguel

      Wattpad party🥦🍬💃

    8. Milo Uribe

      Well, Katy and her gay fantasies 😈💫

    9. Astro Adri


    10. Yessica Benitez

      Love is love😊

    11. Lhamaa


    12. Ania Yanina Valencia

      Que desenlace de los acontecimientos 😐

    13. {Ana™} ❤️


    14. Pui Naka


    15. TheGamingTrex2021

      Moral of story don’t cheat

    16. Aiu Bueno

      la cancion de toda fujoshi o buen(a) lector(a) de wattpat o d TMO :v confirmen !

    17. Desmond的畫畫頻道


    18. Thiago Bras Amorim

      Mds a katy é fujoshi ñ tankei KKAKKAKAKAKA ai q perfeiçao

    19. Phạm Lamngan

      Và từ đó cô ấy là hủ

    20. pornanyone

      Is this really a thing?

    21. Bouchère Denis

      31 millions views 👏

    22. Ximena


    23. Henrique Souza


    24. Virus White

      Katy perry es fujoshi 👁️👄👁️ nmms

    25. CB Sunshine

      This music video made me feel things ☺️

    26. Cassiopean Seiffel

      1:03 we love a king who waits for consent

    27. Henrique Souza


    28. itzsophiapinkyplays

      What about I will never eat candy only broccoli 🥦

    29. Ivon Christin

      why is there so many kids here? did yt recommended this...?

      1. Kokichi Ouma

        Yes, yt recommended this ;/

    30. SAITAMA G.D.S

      To the trach

    31. Ariana Lipari

      ✨wtf- you know what i give up have a nice day people✨

    32. bobdemeneer

      I think the animator just then went to the therapist after this

    33. taylor swift fan #29


    34. taylor swift fan #29



      I love vegetable not candy


      Wow amazing

    37. Zebadua Codina Yohana Yazmin

      Mucho inglés pa mi 😩👆🏿

    38. ElHouses

      En resumen ella era dulsexual

    39. 🌌Midnight koneko Gacha

      Mommy, please come pick me up! I am extremely scared to finish the video ......I'm gonna need therapy after this

    40. zari kawaii UwU

      Que asco

    41. Joyce Dianne Aquino

      What the heck

    42. DanielleISABELLA Cebalho


    43. gayness

      It turned gay so fast and I mean- damn 😩👏🏼

    44. kuyko y mi sempai 🍫💕

      Pero también viva por que es gay como yo jsjsj vivaaa nwn

    45. kuyko y mi sempai 🍫💕

      Que traición yo nunca aria eso a mi bebe sempai uwu por que el es mío uwu

    46. 🌊tapioka🌊


    47. Alyzza BTS fan 234

      Love Katy and us katycats

    48. AddictedToPrismatic

      Quite funny and wow

    49. JOHN OPHELIA 🎻

      This song is Soo underated

    50. Aaestile

      Relatable in a way that it is but it’s not

    51. Storm makes robinson

      Oh okay

    52. 🐻Jordyn Siegel🐻

      I love your songs so much I listen to them everyday 🥰🤩

    53. oro crack


    54. °•『丨ᗪ丨ㄖㄒ 』•°

      Katy perry turned into a childs great imagination into a woman real fast-

    55. BunnyPilr

      It is brilliant but the pornography is not ok let me be honest

    56. Alan Moisés

      La canción para los que decimos que haremos la dieta:

    57. Christine Bethea

      this is weirder than hello sister im gonna make you gay

    58. Angt Dreamer

      She is definitely bl fan and you can't change my mind

    59. Jayvee Bulauan

      the videos wierd...

      1. Hector Reyes Cruz

        ...yet cool

    60. DaMarkus Love

      Okay nothing wrong with this everybody please do not watch that senses does too much never ever ever ever ever ever watch this

      1. Hector Reyes Cruz

        I'm gonna watch this then

    61. Luiz Goncalves

      o que apreendemos aqui crianças: a poligamia resolve tudo Google translator?

    62. Viicky Vazquez

      Yo pensé que era un rabano cuando ví por primera vez el vídeo 🙊

    63. ксю Павлючек

      Это чё было блять.

    64. Anderson UR

      wtf! hahaha

    65. Dezy •Hi•

      Is it just me or does the broccoli and the candy reminds me of deku and todoroki? 😂

    66. Mia Mujezin

      ok guys i was playing roblox and i got off and this i saw this really a brocoli f⁓⁓⁓⁓⁓⁓ a candy no this no

    67. Adde López


    68. windwalker

      bl fan be like

    69. King Supxd3


    70. fairy scout

      Plot twisttt

    71. SOur Moon

      Omg the ending

    72. Otakumi

      Katy Perry fujoshi

    73. Michel Silva


    74. Evelyn Adams

      is it me, or is the 8 year old watching this like for some reason I love it, I just don't even care what type of me I just want to want me the song

    75. LB🖤🔒

      Bom demais so

    76. Betty Lewis

      *THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE **DATEUS.UNO* BGclip: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' BGclip: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков..

    77. Amy Chau

      Rip the diet

    78. Raven SP

      oh the plot thickens

    79. Krissian Victir

      Lmao the constellations

    80. Isabel

      Kate Perry fujoshi?😅

    81. Hello Geraci

      Haha the tables turned so fast lol 😝

    82. Moylo Zyloto

      Все стали куколдами в конце

    83. LA AN HI

      Ok, just a fantasy

    84. Duong Hoang


    85. °thegirl°


    86. Ash Cash baby


    87. Short Video


    88. Renata Tolentino Rosete




    90. Jujuba Paim

      I love this song a lot

    91. Jeisson Alonso

      Hi its very funny and i love the album

    92. Henrique Souza


    93. Pöllux

      This song has potential

    94. caty

      Yo buscando un comentario en español 🥵🥺😭 y nada 😞🥵🥺😭

    95. asj25


    96. F@ck-Crëepy-Bitčh


    97. Tetea Hauhnar

      July 08, 2021. Still listening to this song

    98. Abigail Ontiveros Romero

      Me dejaste con la cara así🤡

    99. Inocenta Iglesias

      Está fea la animasion

      1. Hector Reyes Cruz

        La animación es bastante buena en realidad. El estilo es genial también.

    100. p0t4ng1n4_07

      0:13 so is this why the other broccoli guy has pink hair?